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Naked at the Met

Legendary Performance artist Janice Perry in "Naked at the Met," an epic tale of a fall from grace via gender, sexuality, an aging body, and a 30-foot cliff. Free-ranging from Pope to Pop, Perry perverts the course of social injustice and tackles the physical aftermath of a 30-foot free-fall with live performance, digital media, naked truth, and her notorious biting wit. Naked at the Met is living proof that creativity is the best revenge. Seriously funny.

Janice Perry’s work has been produced and exhibited in academic and cultural centers, screened at film festivals, and adapted for radio, television and print in the USA and Europe since 1981. Perry leads groups of emerging and established artists in creating new multi-media performative work. She’s received multiple fellowships for interdisciplinary performance from the Fulbright Commission/US Department of State, the Vermont Arts Council/NEA, etc.

Perry grounds her cutting cultural criticism in live performance and digital media. She addresses global politics, high and low culture, interpersonal relationships, gender, sexuality, climate change, and other issues as they present themselves on our global screens. Perry extrapolates from everyday occurrences to world events, and vice versa, using serious comedy to disempower social structures.

One of the world's most respected performance artists - BBC

“Vulnerability, fierceness and wild humor” - Open Doors, London

“The Other America” - Hamburg Morgenpost