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  Larger than Life:
Creating autobiographically based performance

Workshops and residencies for writers and performers

Janice Perry teaches physical theater and creative writing techniques that produce and develop performances based on personal history.

Wow ! What a great experience!-Student, Middlebury College

Each participant will write, develop and present several short performance pieces, which can stand on their own as performances or text, be joined together to create longer inter-related pieces, or serve as a springboard for full-length monologues, dialogues or plays.

These kids wrote intuitive pieces, the kind that eventually make it into the real world of writing. Janice's ability to teach in a way that makes learning an adventure was apparent from day one. - Teacher, Mt Abraham High School, Bristol, Vermont

Participants will learn techniques to interpret and edit text, and theater exercises to foster awareness of body and voice as an expressive vehicle for the text.

It wasn't just the techniques. This work helped them to reflect upon their whole semester, not an easy feat.- Program Director, School for International Training Sexuality, Gender and Identity Program, Amsterdam

The group will discuss each work-in-progress as it is presented. There will be discussion of and suggestions for editing or further expansion of each piece. Participants may choose to use each other as props and characters in their pieces, direct each other, and in general participate as fully and imaginatively as possible.

She got us acting painlessly. I never saw our progress evolving - but suddenly everyone was so much better. Then it got REALLY fun.- Student, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Janice's teaching techniques are derived from her own experience as a writer and performer, and participants are strongly encouraged to evolve their own, unique writing and performance styles.

Now I have some inkling of the levels I can reach. I felt that my intelligence was fully respected.- Student, CVUHS, Hinesburg, Vermont

The themes for the work can be specific - race, culture, identity, family, gender, class - or can evolve through the work produced during the residency.

You brought a rare mix of determination and delicacy to supporting this group of young Xhosan women who clearly valued highly your fresh insights into the possibilities for their very personal, autobiographical songs and story-telling." - Professor, University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Duration: 3 days - 1 semester

Maximum: 15 students per session